Can I just rent a boat?

No, because the club insurance does not permit rentals to untrained members. There are specific procedures involved that can only be learned personally from a rowing instructor. We want you to have the best time possible and our years of experience in rowing have shown us that everyone needs at least one lesson in handling the boat efficiently, knowing the local water conditions and specifically how to best utilize these amazing boats. Once you’ve taken your Introductory Training Session and can do what’s needed to competently use the boats, you can then purchase time at rates that are much less than a rental service would offer.

How do I use the time?

Time purchased is deposited to your personal account and accessed online with your assigned username and password. Time is usable for up to one year.

Can I simply get the rowing instruction part only?

Yes, this is a fun way to experience rowing these “All Water” boats and get out on the water. And once you have gone through the Introductory Training/Orientation session you can become an official member and then purchase a time back for you personal use or if you like purchase additional hours of training.

What are your hours of operation for the training?

Our All Water Rowing Instructors have varying schedules and will book an appointment with you that best fits your schedule and theirs. You can email us at: Info@whitehallrowclub.com or call the office 250 361 2621 and provide us with your contact info. An Instructor will then contact you to arrange a time.

What are your hours of operation for members who want to book boats?

Boats can be booked out between 5 am to 10 pm daily.

Is there any under age restrictions?

Those under the age of 19 require a guardian sign their Club Registration Waiver Form and children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult over 19.