About the Club Boats

Located on a specially-designed club floats at the Hyack Air Docks , on Victoria’s inner harbour, and also at the Oak Bay Marina are  Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14™ single slide seat rowing boats  Whitehall Spirit® Tango 17™ double slide seat sculling boats. These high-tech  co-polymer slide seat rowing boats are  modern versions of a Classic Whitehall, the boat that was once know as the ‘bicycle of the sea’ back in the days before outboard motors.

These state-of-the-art  ‘All Water’ boats are equipped with the latest technology in slide seat sculling gear that turn them into the ‘mountain bikes of the sea’. Equipped with 9’6″ carbon fiber sculling oars, these lightweight, powerful blades are perfect for rowing sleek, fast WSRC Whitehalls.

You’ll be amazed by how well they handle and how safe you feel in choppy waters and windy conditions. They are designed and built to be virtually unsinkable. Each boat is equipped with a rowing mirror for panoramic forward viewing, plus all the required safety gear.

Boats are launched and returned to the Club docks by sliding them off and onto the specially designed slippery tracks. So easy, a child can do it.

Find out more about the boats at www.whitehallspirit.com