About The Club

This is a members-only club, which basically means that all rowers first take the Introductory Orientation and Training session with one of the Club’s ‘All Water’ Rowing Instructors. Only WSRC members may use the Club boats. There are no rentals of boats available to the general public.

An initial one-on-one training session is required, and helps ensure that members know the procedures and are skilled enough to launch, row or paddle clear of the dock, and keep out of harm’s way in the busy harbour. Those new to slide seat rowing, paddle boarding and boating in general, may require more lessons, which are available. Workshops in advanced skill level such as maneuvering in tight spaces, rowing posture and breathing, rowing in the dark, rowing in waves, rules of navigation, and advanced stroke technique are also available from time to time. Paddling and rowing on SUP’s is a newly available activity and requires it’s own orientation and training session.

The Victoria Harbour Club fleet features twor Whitehall Spirit® single-position Solo 14™, and two double-position Tango 17™ slide seat sculling boats. The Oak Bay Marina fleet  features three Whitehall Spirit® single-position Solo 14™, and one double-position Tango 17™ slide seat sculling boat. At both locations the boats are parked on top of specially-designed low floats, ready to slip into the water. Members have online access through a personal account to book the boat or SUP of their choice with gear for a number of hours. WSRC members simply enter their name and password, and book/reserve a boat for the date and time they wish to go rowing or paddling. The booking system keeps track of hours used and sends the member access codes for their chosen time booking via email. All Whitehall Spirit® sculling boats are capable of carrying passengers, adults, children, or pets.

Each boat is equipped with standard safety and rowing gear, including carbon-fiber sculling oars. However children’s personal flotation devices are not provided; users must supply their own. Children under the age of 12 must wear their PFD while aboard a boat.

Launching and retrieval are easily handled by club members, and take under five minutes. Members post their departure and return ETA before departure, for safety purposes. They must keep the boat tidy and ready for the next member to use.

“Thank you, because the club frees me from all of the concerns of owning a boat. The club makes it easy to get out as much as I can. I’m saving money and I’m losing weight.” J Lang, Victoria Club Member

Booking Your Boat

Club hours are 5am to 10pm, seven days a week (last booking at 9pm). Developing a personal weekly rowing and paddling schedule is simple and easy using the online booking system. It’s flexible – most members book their time in one- to four-hour periods. Bookings can be cancelled and re-scheduled. Members are set up with an account and password to access their bank of time online. Annual hour-based packages are available for members to purchase. Rowing can be enjoyed year-round, except during extreme weather. Go to JOIN NOW for rates and details.

”I want to commend Whitehall for the quality of their boats and the great set-up for the rowing club. The location and facilities are fantastic, and the process for signing up and taking out the boats looks to be the epitome of new-user friendly.”  J Davison, Victoria Club member

Flexible Scheduling

Rowing a Whitehall Spirit Tango 17 double scull at the WSRC of Victoria

You can book rowing/paddling times in advance at any time, or book within 15 minutes on a given day provided a boat or board is available. You can reschedule or cancel a booking within 1/2 hour of your time.

The Many Benefits of Open Water Slide Seat Rowing

WSRC Members can bring pets and friends along

Enjoy the thrill and share the fun of open-water slide seat rowing by yourself, or with friends or partners. Stay fit and healthy while connecting with nature, wind and water. You will burn up to 800 calories per hour while sculling, with no stress on your joints and ligaments. Using a slide seat means that most of the power is supplied by both legs driving together. This produces double the calorie burn of jogging and little to no stress on the knees. Members also report major stress relief and mental health benefits from getting out and connecting with nature while on the water.

“This Club is ideal for recreational rowing for novice and expert alike. I thoroughly enjoy being able to get out for a great rowing experience whenever I choose.” Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold Winner 2008 and Victoria Club Member

Get Ready For A New Passion… Release Your Inner Rower.

Meet the Crew

Diana Lesieur

Diana is the Club Manager and “All Water” Rowing Instructor. She loves to row, and her enthusiasm is infectious. In 2012, she managed the WSRC of Marina Del Rey and taught hundreds of “All Water” rowers how to row. She completed a 40-mile Ocean Rowing Event rowing from Marina Del Rey across to Catalina Island in under 9 hours.

Andrea Guyon

Andrea has many years of “All Water” rowing experience and is a WSRC rowing instructor. She has a love of the water and has sailed across oceans. She has a good knowledge of the technical aspects of the slide seat row stroke.

Marie Hutchinson

WSRC co-founder, Marie originally conceived of the WSRC club concept and co-designed the operating system that allows this affordable type of community-based rowing. She loves to train new members when time allows.

Harold Aune

WSRC co-founder and co-designer of the WSRC operating systems. Harold grew up rowing small boats in open water and has sailed across oceans. He also occasionally trains new members and conducts special classes in rough water boat handling.